We have at our disposal our own premises, composed of a spacious shooting hall with an area of 300 sq m and a height of 12 m, as well as social and office space spread out across four storeys. To our customer, we make available our professional technical backlot: The editing studio, voice actor's cabin, wardrobe, make-up studio, a spacious storage room, two control rooms, a dining room and a relaxation room.


Studio Panika is a modern film production studio and rental house in one. We deal in making advertising spots, videoclips as well as other visual arts materials.

Our technical backlot is composed of our own film studio with a shooting hall as well as technical and social premises, as well as professional camera and lighting equipment. We specialise in greenboxing.


We have been doing professional film production since the year 2007. For our customers, we prepare advertisements for television, cinema, for the Internet as well as many other types of materials from the visual arts, i. e. videoclips and feature films.
We are completely independent in our actions. We have at our disposal state-of-the-art equipment, but foremost, a professional and creative team that always does its best.



autopromocja Studio Panika

Sea Towers

"Sea Towers"

Klient: Invest Komfort

The Trip

"The Trip"

film krótkometrażowy

Klimawent Reel

"Klimawent Reel"



Archeological Paths

Wzrastamy Razem

"Wzrastamy Razem"

Ergo Hestia


Klient: Travelasystent

Klimawent Reel

"Klimawent Reel"

Oliwa Park

"Oliwa Park"

Klient: Eurostyl



Klient: PPNT Gdynia

Świąteczna Panika

"Świąteczna Panika"

Klient: Studio Panika

Raptor 700

"Raptor 700"

Klient: Galeon

Żywioły Bursztynu

"Żywioły Bursztynu"

Klient: MTM Silver Studio

Hilton Gdańsk

"Hilton Gdańsk"

Klient: J.W. Hotele

Magiczne Cząsteczki

"Magiczne Cząsteczki"

Klient: MTM Silver Studio

Amber Ads

"Amber Ads"

Klient: Studio Panika



Klient: Hipodrom Sopot


We invite you to make use of our professional equipment backlot


Studio Panika
ul. Chwaszczyńska 194
81-571 Gdynia
Tel.: +48 501 501 391